Signatures ~

Business and consumers locally or residing outside the state of Alabama are most welcome to contact Alabama Notary Services for a service quote request. We would be delighted to assist you. So, why drive or fly to Montgomery, Alabama or our near by counties to secure a document signature or to close a deal? Save your travel time and expense, give us a call, we are here to assist you. Alabama Notary Services is a division of Alabama Business Services Montgomery, LLC. We would be proud to represent you or your business and close your deal. If your documents require a notarization, we got that covered as well. 

Specialty Services ~

§ Witness Real Estate Signings & Closings
§ Witness Legal Document Signings  
§ Witness Medical Document Releases
§ Witness Estate Planning & Trust Accounts
§ Witness Litigation Support Documents
§ Witness Legal Document Settlements & Contracts
§ Legal Support Services
§ Document Authentication, Apostille, Certification